Pixel Rooms 2 Walkthrough: Levels 21 22 23 24 25

Pixel Rooms 2 is a new puzzle-based, room escape game for iOS and Android devices. Developed by Urara-Works, it is the sequel to Pixel Rooms. In this sequel, Mr. Pixel is trapped in an unfriendly world of doors and corridors. You must solve the puzzles to help him escape. If you get stuck, use the walkthrough below for help.

Level/Room 21 Answer: Drag the egg up and then drag it to the ground fast to break it. Move the pieces of the shell to clear and open the door.

Level/Room 22 Answer: Tilt your device to get the door from the top left to the bottom right: Tilt all the way right, then down, then all the way left (until it’s hidden behind the white), then down (until it’s hidden behind the white), then all the way right again

Level/Room 23 Answer: Drag the white arrow button in the top right corner to the green box. Press the green button when the arrow is in place to lift the cage.

Level/Room 24 Answer: Drag the spaceship to destroy the stuff around the green door. Make sure you don’t shoot the door.

Level/Room 25 Answer: Drag all of the aliens from the bottom into the exit door before the door closes.

Congratulations! You’ve completed rooms 21 through 25 of Pixel Rooms 2. Open the door at the end of the credits to release the aliens and unlock the Speedrun mode.


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