Patch notes: Pokémon GO updating to 0.35.0 on Android, 1.5.0 on iOS

Pokemon GONiantic has announced a new update rolling out for Pokémon GO. Both the Android and iOS versions will be updated to 0.35.0 and 1.5.0, respectively. While we’re still awaiting the official patch notes, Niantic did give us a sneak peek at one major new feature.

The most notable is the arrival of a new feature that’ll lead to more strategy in collecting Pokémon and perhaps greater depth in combat. It’s called Pokémon Appraisal, and it’ll display a Pokémon’s attack and defense capabilities, allowing you to determine which of your Pokémon have the most potential for battle. This new feature should give you a better idea of which Pokémon is stronger should you have multiple versions with what appear to be identical, or at least very similar, stats or CP.

As far as other changes, Niantic says they are “still working hard on several new and exciting features to come in the future of Pokémon GO.”

The update will also contain “minor bot fixes.”


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