Next Clash of Clans update is even bigger than Clan Wars

In 2014, Supercell added Clan Wars to Clash of Clans. The game has since seen numerous updates, additions, and new features, but nothing has compared to the arrival of Clan Wars. Until now… or soon, rather.

Supercell has already teased that the next Clash of Clans update will be”different” from any in the past, promising something big. How big? Apparently, it blows the Clan Wars update out of the water.

Supercell forum moderator LachnessMeownster recently played the new update and said the massiveness of the update was “not even close” to Clan Wars — in a good way.

Continuing, LachNess wrote, “This makes clan wars look like a Prius next to a Ferrari. Its. That. Big.”

Pretty bold statement, but it appears he’s not the only one to think that.

YouTuber Galadon also played the update.

Hopefully details come soon.


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