New heroes Laberd, Jilias, and Ester join Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier heroes Laberd, Julius, and Estelle
Brave Frontier heroes Laberd, Julius, and Estelle

Laberd, Julius, and Estelle — the Defenders of Randall — have blasted their way into Brave Frontier and are now available at the Rare Summon Gate. Starting January 24, 7:00 PST until January 30, 6:59 PST, get the chance to summon Laberd, Julius and Estelle along with this exciting promo:

Super Rare Summon +

  • Minimum 5 Stars and a chance to get a 6 star unit.
  • Unlock one (1) chance to summon at the Divine Gate for every 4 Summons from the Super Rare Summon + Gate.

Divine Summon Gate:

  • Cost 5 gems per summon
  • Includes a limited pool of 27 units from Rineth Batch, Avant Batch, Adel Batch, Vermillon Batch along with the 3 new units (Laberd, Jilias and Ester).
  • The Divine summon gate will close at the end of the event or when all summon chances has been used up.
  • Note that the number indicator on Summon button does not reflect your unlocked summon chance at the Divine Gat

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