Netmarble putting finishing touches on Star Wars: Force Arena’s first balance update

Star Wars: Force ArenaStar Wars: Force Arena has officially been out for a week now, and, as expected, the meta is starting to settle in. As players discover strategies and overpowered champions, Netmarble is working towards balancing the arena.

In fact, the developer confirmed they are currently working on the “final details” of a balance patch which they hope to deliver “in the coming days.”

“Although we cannot reveal the exact information right now, we are hoping that it will bring balance to the arena,” Netmarble said.

We are still monitoring both in and out of game data regarding the current state of balance with the game, and are hoping that the upcoming changes will help address some of your concerns. ”

The general consensus, it seems, is that the Rebel faction is a bit overpowered thanks, in large part, to Luke Skywalker and Cassian (and the faction’s ability to swarm).

What do you think needs to be balanced in the next update?



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