Megapolis Cheats: How to get more Coins (fast, free, and easy)

Megapolis is a city-building game available for free on iOS and Android devices, as well as Facebook. In the game, you are tasked with building your own virtual city, making it both an attractive city with a sufficient primary infrastructure. To do so, you’ll need to trade materials and build alliances with neighbors — and an abundance of Coins and Megabucks

What are Coins?

Coins are the primary currency in Megapolis, and are used to help advance your city. There are a number of ways to obtain coins by simply playing the game. Never trust any site that claims to have a hack to get you more coins; this can possibly lead to harmful results for your mobile device or PC.

How to get more Coins?

Production Buildings and Contracts

All production buildings use coins to start contracts. Given a set amount of time, they return a great amount of coins upon completion.

As a tip, you always want to aim for the shortest time frame contracts that are unlocked later. You’ll make more coins in the game by consistently starting and collecting from your contracts. The production buildings and contracts are your best method for earning Coins in Megapolis.

Tax on Infrastructure Buildings

Infrastructure buildings produce a set amount of coin as tax revenue over a period of time; these do not expire. Tax values can be changed using the Tax Office. You should always slide the bar toward +15% tax. The extra coin earned through more tax is well worth the Megapolis population penalty.

The best building for coins is the Office Building. It takes the least amount of coins to make back your investment, while still offering a good amount of return in collection coins. Build a good amount of office buildings toward the beginning/mid game to make the most coins.

Auto Tax via the City Hall

The automatic taxes and census will “collect” your population citizens and taxes whenever they are available. However, they will still collect from your low end buildings. This method of generating coins can be helpful if you are going on a long vacation.

Selling Megapolis Friend Gifts

Making friends is a good way to earn Coins. Free gifts can be sent to and from your friends every day. If you don’t need the gifts, simply sell them for a small amount of coins. However, you might be better off saving the different items for your future special buildings.

Buying Coins with Cash

As a free-to-play game, the in-game store is a way for Social Quantum to make money in Megapolis. You can purchase Coins via the in-game store; however, this is the worst way of spending your money in the game. Your best bet is to always buy the different Cash buildings and land area upgrades. Some of the cash buildings can cost hundreds of thousands of Coins, but you can buy them at a huge discount if you opt for the Cash purchase.

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