Marvel Puzzle Quest Update R75 Patch Notes Detailed

Marvel Puzzle Quest

D3Publisher has issued a new update for Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Along with the patch notes for update R75, the developer teased “We’re aiming to please with our next character…” suggesting that a 3-star Bullseye could be on the way. Some believe, however, that it could be the new 2-star Cyclops.

While we speculate, read over today’s patch notes which brings major changes to the amount of Iso needed to level up 3- and 4-star characters.

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
– It now takes 30% less Iso-8 to level a 3-star character and 15% less Iso-8 to level up a 4-star character.
– A game board slider showing enemy AP values is now displayed when enemies gain or lose AP.
– Abilities that check for the opposing team’s strongest AP will no longer choose an empty pool in the case of a tie.
– Faster initial load times implemented when the game is played for the first time.
– Fixed a bug where the progression bar would sometimes not appear in the Post-Battle Screen


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