Mansion 2048 Walkthrough: Levels 61 62 63 64

Mansion 2048 is a new room-escape puzzle game from Gipnetix Games (developers of 100 Doors 2013 and 100 Doors of Revenge). Available on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices (I assume also coming to Android via Google Play), the game offers a brand new mysterious mansion filled with new puzzles and mini-games for you to complete. Below is a complete walkthrough for each level of Mansion 2048.

Level 61 / Door 61 Answer: Tap the shelf of bottles three times to get the bottles in your inventory. Fill each bottle with liquid by using the faucet. Tap the refrigerator to open it and place all three bottles in there. Close the door and open it again. Take the key.

Level 62 / Door 62 Answer: Open the following scrolls by tapping them (left to right):

  • Top Row: 1, 3
  • Bottom Row: 1, 3, 5

Level 63 / Door 63 Answer: Tap the static TV on the right to bring up the green screen. Guide the red dot to the end using the maze clue on the bottom. Here are the directions: 

  1. Right x2
  2. Up x3
  3. Left x2
  4. Up x2
  5. Right x4
  6. Down x4
  7. Right x1
  8. Up x5
  9. Left x5

Level 64 / Door 64 Answer: Tap the red button when the red ball is at the following parts of the puzzle. I think the goal is the match the shadowy shapes on the ground with the outline.

Mansion 2048 Level 64

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 61 through 64 of Mansion 2048. Continue to levels 65 through 68.


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