Mansion 2048 Walkthrough: Levels 57 58 59 60

Mansion 2048 is a new room-escape puzzle game from Gipnetix Games (developers of 100 Doors 2013 and 100 Doors of Revenge). Available on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices (I assume also coming to Android via Google Play), the game offers a brand new mysterious mansion filled with new puzzles and mini-games for you to complete. Below is a complete walkthrough for each level of Mansion 2048.

Level 57 / Door 57 Answer: Tilt your device to the right to get the light bulb at the top to slide from left to right revealing the numbers: 4739. Using the clues on the ground, tap the circles to fill them with the correct number of lines:

  • Bottom left = 4 lines
  • Top right: 7 lines
  • Top left: 3 lines
  • Bottom right: 9 lines

Level 58 / Door 58 Answer: Look at the dice and notice each number that’s shown. Then look above the brown safe and see the bars (these correspond to the order of the numbers). Tap the brown safe and enter the following code: “81527”. Take the diamond. Plug the burner into the wall and place the diamond on to the burner. The diamond will melt into a key. Unplug the burner and take the key. Use the key on the door.

Level 59 / Door 59 Answer: Tilt your device so that the balls can hit the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Follow the order shown at the top of the screen: right, left, left, right, right, left, right, left, left.

Level 60 / Door 60 Answer: Match the cards in the allotted time. Don’t mess up or it’ll deduct time.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 57 through 60 of Mansion 2048.  Continue to levels 61 through 64.


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