Love You To Bits Walkthrough: Level 4 ‘A Hero for All Seasons’

“Love You to Bits” is a crazy cute, purely visual, puzzle-filled, point-and-click, sci-fi adventure spanning all around the universe. You will follow the journey of Kosmo, a clumsy, rookie space explorer in search of Nova, his robot girlfriend. After a fatal accident, all of Nova’s pieces get scattered in outer space! So now Kosmo wants to retrieve all Nova’s bits, rebuild her, and get back together. Explore the strangest worlds and planets, full of fantastic aliens, space-time puzzles, and hidden objects to collect. As you complete levels, you will discover Kosmo and Nova’s heartbreaking love story!

Love You To Bits Walkthrough: Level 4 ‘A Hero for All Seasons’

Love You To Bits

1 – Pick up the two piles of autumn leaves and place them both in the wheelbarrow. Then talk to the gardener chap and he’ll give you his rake.

2 – Use the rake to knock down the scarf, and add it to your inventory.

3 – Kick this beachball. It will make the sunbathing man run off for a few seconds. While he’s gone, quickly take his umbrella and…

4 – Give it to this guy. He’ll be so happy he’ll give you his hat.

5 – Take this bucket, and fill it with sand by using the pile of sand next to the umbrella chap.

– Then use the bucket of sand on the campfire in the autumnal area and pick up the sticks.

7 – Pick up the jug from under this pink tree, and then fill it with snow from the pile next to the snowman.

8 – Place the jug on the tree stump under this ray of sunlight. This will quickly melt the snow and turn it into water.

9 – Pour the water on this patch of ground to make carrots grow. Grab one to add it to your inventory.

10 – Use the scarf, hat, sticks, and carrot on the snowman. Then talk to the man holding Nova’s arm. He’ll be so impressed with his snowman that he’ll hand over the arm. Just enter the teleporter to finish the stage.

Bonus items

A – Investigate the contents of this basket three times. On the third go you’ll pull out a little bottle of medicine.


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