Lifeline Walkthrough: ‘Head for the peak’ results

Lifeline game walkthrough

Lifeline is sort of a choose your own adventure game, except the decisions you make affect a stranded astronaut. The game features a branching storyline in which you must help a stranded astronaut — Taylor — make life or death decisions. Together, you must face the consequences of these decisions. To help you along the way, we’ve go the results for specific key branching moments in the game.

Below is the results if you select “Head for the peak” when presented with Taylor’s two choices, the other being “check the crash.

“Head for the peak.”

You think? It's a lot farther away than the crash 
I'm not sure I'll make it there before nightfall.

"Okay, head for the crash site."

"Better get moving then."
All right. I guess I have to start somewhere
Hey, I, uh, I appreciate the advice. It's just 
good to have any sense of directions at all, out here
Anyway... looks like this hike could take a while.
[Taylor is busy]
Damn! Looks like the path is blacked off.
I was tracing this shallow canyon, but I hit this 
huge boulder. Way too big to climb over.
What do you figure... should I look for some way 
around it, or head back to the crash?

"Head back to the crash."

"Find a way around."
Okay, I'll give it a shot. Honestly, though, this
terrain looks pretty unforgiving.
[Taylor is busy]
Listen, there's just no way around this thing.
Not enough footholds to get even a few feet up it.
Or "meters" up it, whatever.
These canyon walls look like nothing but loose rock,
...and -- surprise, surprise -- as a science fair 
champ, I'm pretty much the definition of an 
"indoor kid."
I don't think I'm cut out for rock climbing.


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