Let’s Escape Level 8 Walkthrough

Let’s Escape is a new puzzle game from Mobest Media for iOS and Android devices. The game tests your ability to “think outside of the box” by combining objects, cracking codes and solving puzzles. To pass each level, you must escape the room by finding and combining objects to solve puzzles and unlock the door. Below is a walkthrough for every level of Let’s Escape.

Let’s Escape Level 8: 

1. Tab the brown cabinet on the left and open the second drawer to take the scissors

2. Go to the chair on the right side of the door and lift the cushion to take the crumbled paper.

3.  Tap the palm tree in the back of the room and pick up the block near the base of the tree.

4. Use the scissors on the block to cut it open, revealing a key.

5. Use the key to unlock the top drawer in the brown cabinet on the left. Take the paint.

6. Tap the art board, and then tap it again on its edge to go behind it. Take the plier handles

7. Go to the front of the art board again and tap the paper, revealing a red rectangle. Use the paint on it. And then use the cloth on it, revealing four different boxes with smiley faces.

8. The directions of the smiley faces represent the number on the unfolded cube: 5, 7, 4, 2

9. Go back to the brown cabinet and use the combination to unlock the bottom drawer: “5742”. Take the last piece of the pliers.

10.  Go to the bottom painting on the left wall and use the pliers on it to move the painting, revealing a panel of buttons.

11. Investigate the object on the desk  with all the white marbles, and a few colored ones. The colored marbles represent which buttons on the panel to press. Go to the art easel again and look at the paint tray, notice the order of paint: yellow, purple, green, blue, orange

12. Go back to the panel of buttons and press them in the following order:

  1. Column 1, Row 5
  2. Column 2, Row 4
  3. Column 4, Row 1
  4. Column 4, Row 2
  5. Column 5, Row 3

13. Take the purple key and use it to exit the room.

Congratulations! You’ve completed Level 8 of Let’s Escape. Continue to level 9.


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