Let’s Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

Let’s Escape is a new puzzle game from Mobest Media for iOS and Android devices. The game tests your ability to “think outside of the box” by combining objects, cracking codes and solving puzzles. To pass each level, you must escape the room by finding and combining objects to solve puzzles and unlock the door. Below is a walkthrough for every level of Let’s Escape.

Let’s Escape Level 7: 

1. Tap the whiteboard and take the orange key from the tray. Also tap the printer to take the paper with the number “25” written on it.

2. Go to the desk on the right of the room and use the key on the locked cabinet.

3. Take the piece of paper wrapped around the PVC pipe (it says “09” on it) as well as the pliers.

4. Go to the other side of the desk and enter “2509” into the combination. Take the tablet.

5. Open the glass cabinet on the left wall and notice the order of colors: Yellow, orange, blue, pink, green

6. Go back to the desk on the right wall and look at the vials in the orange case. Notice which circles have tubes in them.

7. Go back to the left side of the desk (the one with the combination on it) and open the top drawer.

8. Take the orange box and open it. Take the MicroSD card and put it into the laptop

9. Turn on the laptop and tap the circles that correspond to the vials (according to the order shown in the glass cabinet).

  1. Row 2, Column 2
  2. Row 1, Column 1
  3. Row 2, Column 1
  4. Row 3, Column 1
  5. Row 3, Column 2

10. Notice where the key is stuck in the X-ray.

11. Go to the skeleton statue and use the pliers on his spine to get the key. Use the key to exit the room.

Congratulations! You’ve completed Level 7 of Let’s Escape. Continue to level 8.


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