Let’s Escape Level 12 Walkthrough

Let’s Escape is a new puzzle game from Mobest Media for iOS and Android devices. The game tests your ability to “think outside of the box” by combining objects, cracking codes and solving puzzles. To pass each level, you must escape the room by finding and combining objects to solve puzzles and unlock the door. Below is a walkthrough for every level of Let’s Escape.

Let’s Escape Level 12: 

1. Tap the teacher’s desk and open the red book, revealing a calender. Take the black strip from the book.

2. Go to the chalkboard and take the other black strip.

3. Tap the trash can that’s next to the door and take the crumpled paper from inside. Open the paper and you’ll see a bunch of random letters.

4. Tap the clock and put the strips inside of it to create minute and hour hands.

5. Go back to the desk and move the chair back. Take the blue strip.

6. Go to the window and use the blue strip on the blue dot. Take the key.

7. Tap on the school desks by the left wall and use the key to unlock the right drawer. Take the flashlight.

8. Use the light on the crumpled paper and all of the letters will become blurred except for “SI LD”. (imagine the letters upside down and you’ll get 07:15)

9. Go to the clock and change hands so the clock reads: 07:15. Take the CD that pops out.

10. Go to the desk and insert the CD into the laptop. Rearrange the pieces of the puzzle until it forms the picture. When the puzzle is completed two pieces will turn grey. Remember their locations:

  • Column 3, Row 4
  • Column 6, Row 2

11. Go to the desk and open the calendar again. Look at the two dates that correspond to the grey blocks.

  • Column 3, Row 4 = 24
  • Column 6, Row 2 = 13

12. Go to the children’s desks again and this time tap  the left drawer (the same desk you got the flashlight from). Enter the combination “2413”. Take the key.

13. Use the key on the main door to escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed Level 12 of Let’s Escape. 


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