Let’s Escape Level 11 Walkthrough

Let’s Escape is a new puzzle game from Mobest Media for iOS and Android devices. The game tests your ability to “think outside of the box” by combining objects, cracking codes and solving puzzles. To pass each level, you must escape the room by finding and combining objects to solve puzzles and unlock the door. Below is a walkthrough for every level of Let’s Escape.

Let’s Escape Level 11: 

1. Go to the brown counter on the left wall (there’s a sleigh and a doll). Tap the sleigh to get the key that’s inside of it.

2. Back out and tap the lower part of the counter to see the drawers. Use the key to open the middle drawer and take the white and pink animal bank.

3. Go to the Christmas tree and take the piece of wood that’s sitting on the branch.

4. Go to the couch that’s up against the wall and lift up the right pillow. Take the top of the hammer top (it’ll combine with the wood to make the hammer).

5. Use the hammer to break the bank. Take the gold coin that’s inside and inspect it. The numbers “1611” are on it.

6. Go to the cabinet above the counter on the left wall and enter the combination “1611”. You’ll see a bunch of boxes inside.

7. Look at the snowman and take the piece of paper that’s inside of his hat. (It’s blank)

8. Go back to the drawers on the left wall and open the bottom one. Take the ink that’s inside.

9. Use the ink on the paper to reveal a bunch of squares. There is one square that is darker than the rest (column 2, row 3).

10. Go back to the cabinets and open the box that is in that exact same position (column 2, row 3). There are four colors inside of it (yellow, green, red, blue) which numbers need to be changed.

11. Go around the room and find the circles that match those colors and count how many there are.

  • Yellow = 4 (couch pillow buttons)
  • Green = 2 (snowman eyes)
  • Red = 7 (ornaments on the tree)
  • Blue = 3 (buttons on the stuffed animal on the counter)

12. Go back to the cabinet with the box with those circles and change them to “4273”. Take the key and use it to escape the room.

Congratulations! You’ve completed Level 11 of Let’s Escape. Continue to level 12.


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