King brings Pyramid Solitaire to Android and iOS

Pyramid Solitaire

King’s card-based adventure game Pyramid Solitaire has made the jump from Facebook to mobile devices. The free-to-play, cross-platform game, which sends players on an epic journey to explore the lost relics of the ancient Egyptian world, is now available on iOS and Google Android devices.

In Pyramid Solitaire, players must conquer an array of card matching, arranging and collecting quests to help unravel the mysteries and magic of the bygone culture and find the hidden treasure. There are over 140 captivating levels to keep you busy.

“Throughout Pyramid Solitaire Saga, players are transported to magical new worlds with the treasure hunter, Helena, and her cunning gerbil companion, Kingsley, to discover ancient Egypt. Helena’s epic adventure takes her and players to lost worlds such as The Hidden Tomb, The Emerald Dream, the Garden of Osiris and the Depth of Nautilus,” the description reads.

“A free-to-play mobile game, Pyramid Solitaire Saga will challenge players with an array of game modes that test their ability to move, arrange, collect and match cards in distinct ways – keeping the gameplay, exciting, fresh and challenging. Each level calls for players to unveil all the Scarabs – which are hidden underneath the final layer of cards – before their deck runs out. When each episode is completed, a new unique hidden treasure will be revealed that gets players closer to the ultimate mission: reigniting the Egyptian god Khepri’s prophecy. As a means to help them on their quest, players will be able to find and unlock powerful boosters that will help them overcome complicated game situations.”



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