Kim Kardashian: Hollywood ‘Valentine’s Day’ Update 4.6 out now, here’s what’s new

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Valentine's Day update

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Glu has gone ahead and released update 4.6 for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

The highlight, of course, are Special Valentine’s Day events, including a special, limited time romantic getaway location around the special day.

Other features include “better dates,” as well as the ability for your partner to now give you gifts AND pay for dates. And, as per usual, there is new clothing items for both guys and gals in the store.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood giving mood 5-heart rating

Here’s an example of your partner giving you a gift if you level up the achievement.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood partner gifts

And here’s what guys will receive.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood partner gifts for male

New outfits as well.

Kim Kardashian Valentine's Day update 4.6 outfits


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