Kim Kardashian: Hollywood to add Australia and London in new update

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood


There’s a new update in the works for Glu Games’s red carpet adventure Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

The developer has been vague in terms of details, but did say today that it will add two new destinations: Australia and London, both of which just so happen to be Kim Kardashian’s favorite locations. Unfortunately, we don’t have a timetable for release.

The previous update (version 1.2.0) added Paris, France for levels 11 and up. It can be assumed that these two new locations will also add new quests, clothing items and places for you to call home.

In the meantime, Glu also announced that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is featured on the Mac App Store, meaning you can now play on your Mac laptop and desktop.

As always, we’ll be sure to let you know when the update goes live.



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