Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game ‘Summer’ Updates directly integrated into game

Last week, Glu Games teased that new Summer updates for red carpet adventure Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game would be “coming soon.” Apparently, they meant really soon as the contents of the update have been directly integrated into the game, which means no major updating necessary.

Glu Games didn’t get too specific when it came to announcing what the Summer update would contain, but briefly mentioned it would include new clothes, quests, challenges, run-ins with your rival, and new levels, as well as some “super cute” new beach looks.

For those craving a more in-depth update, Glu Games also mentioned that a new update will be “soon available.”

“Kim is still working on the last details,” the developer added.

Earlier this month, an update to the game added London, one of Kim’s favorite places to travel. Glu Games then teased a few days later that Australia would be added to the game “soon” as well. We’re still awaiting “the land down under,” but given today’s teaser, I’m assuming Australia will be part of one of these summer updates. It seems to be a perfect fit for all of this adorable summer fashion.


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