How to get more Gems in Clash of Clans (iPhone/iPad)

Clash of Clans is an epic strategy game in which you must lead your clan to victory by building your village, training your troops, and battling with thousands of other players online. The game is free to play, but contains a premium currency (in this case Gems) available for purchase that gives players in-game advantages, like advancing your village.

When you first download the game, you will begin with 500 Gems (250 of which are used during the tutorial for your second Builder’s Hut). Sadly, there are no cheats for free gems, so don’t trust any websites that promise you such as it will likely result in a virus. There are, however, multiple ways you can earn more gems in Clash of Clans that is totally legal and legit. Below are multiple ways you can get more gems in Clash of Clans. For tips regarding the game, click here.


Hitting certain milestones and completing challenges in the Achievements menu will reward you with more Gems. A few examples of Achievements to get more gems includes clearing 50 obstacles, building bigger gold coffers, and unlocking dragons. The most Gems you will be rewarded at one time through an Achievement is 450 Gems when you reach 1250 Trophies. You gain or lose trophies by either winning or losing Multiplayer Battles.

The full list of Achievements can be found by clicking the girl’s face in the upper left of the screen.

Clearing Obstacles

As I mentioned above, one of the achievements in Clash of Clans is clearing 50 obstacles. Aside from this achievement, clearing obstacles will sometimes reward you with Gems. When trees, rocks, bushes, etc. are removed you will receive a small amount of XP and occasionally 1-3 Gems.

Become a Top 10 Player

This is probably one of the harder ways to get more Gems. To earn more Gems you can strive to be one of the Top 10 players of the Top 3 clans. At the end of each two-week period, the Top 3 Clans earn 20,000 Gems for 1st; 10,000 Gems for 2nd; and 6,000 Gems for 3rd. These totals are divided equally among the Top 10 players of the respective Clans.

Learn more about joining a Clan here.

In-App Purchase

As a freemium game, selling Gems is obviously how SuperCell makes its money. Gems can be purchased through the in-game store. Not only will this further your advancement in the game, but it’s a nice way to reward the developer for their hard work and for them to continue to work on and improve the game. If you plan on purchasing Gems, might I suggest going for a larger amount as it’s cheaper in the long run then purchasing 500 at a time. Below is the price break down for buying Gems in Clash of Clans.

  • 500 gems = $4.99
  • 1200 gems = $9.99
  • 2500 gems = $19.99
  • 6500 gems = $49.99
  • 14000 gems = $99.99

As I mentioned, there are no cheats to get free Gems in Clash of Clans. Try to avoid any site that claims to have cheats or hacks for the game. Clash of Clans is available for free on iPhone and iPad.

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