How to get free Simoleans and LP in The Sims 4 legitimately

Short on Simoleons and Lifestyle Points (LP) in The Sims FreePlay? Over the past few months, we’ve posted a few tips, tricks, and flat out cheats that can help you earn these coveted currencies by exploiting and taking advantage of certain systems within the game.

But what if you like to play by the rules? Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to maximize the amount of Simoleons and LP you earn. And below you can find a number of methods that can help.

Inspire your Sims

Inspired Sims earn more Simoleons when they complete tasks. Inspire your Sims by fulfilling their needs — if a Sim is hungry, use the fridge to eat; if a Sim is low on Fun, watch TV or play on the computer; if a Sim’s social needs ar elow; try talking to other Sims on the phone.

Sell baked goods

Buy a stove, make some baked goodies, and then sell them. Start off by baking cookies or pancakes. When your baking skill is really high, you can bake a chocolate cake and then sell it for Simoleons (while also earning LP).

Digging up Simoleons and Lifestyle Points

You can use your Sim’s dog to dig up money and LP. Make sure to praise your pet after he digs up Lifestyle Points. In doing so, he will learn that digging up LP will get him praise, which means more rewards later on. You can also buy the bone for 2LP for your dog; it will get you Simoleons and LP faster. Tip: The more expensive your cat or dog is, the faster it will gather Simoleons and LP.

Off to work

This isn’t exactly the most fun way to do it, but going to work regularly will earn you money. Eventually, you’ll get promoted which will earn more Simoleons and XP. Working regularly will help you achieve a large number of goals in the game as well.

Grow Vegetables

If baking isn’t your thing, try gardening. When vegetables are grown, you will earn more money depending on what you grew. Have your Sims garden overnight (while you’re asleep). If you garden 7 or 8 hour crops at night, you’ll wake up to a lot of Simoleons and XP. Make sure your Sims are inspired so they can earn the 1.5X the Simoleons.

Hobbies and Skill

Buy the Community Center at the top left of your town map and make sure you partake in the hobbies like fashion designing, ghost hunting and figure skating.  They will get you rewards.

Compete at the Competition Center

You can earn extra LP or XP by competing at the Competition Center (added with the Supernatural update). You can compete in a variety of different hobbies including ballet, karate or ghost hunting. You can choose a specific Sim taht’s going to compete for the next 12 hours.

Double ovens

Try buying double items to speed up the process of baking. If you are in the middle of baking something that takes a long time, get another oven, just make sure you don’t buy the expensive ones.

Go for a drive

Going for a drive can earn you money and LP. Quickly tapping on the music notes will earn you bonus cash.

Clean Up

If you want to be real gross, you can have your Sims wet their pants by refusing to let them go to the bathroom. Cleaning up the mess will earn you LP. Similarly shaking your device will get your Sims sick and make them throw up. Cleaning that up will earn you points as well.

Watch advertisement videos

Go to the purple trolley and press “Free” on the top left. It will bring up short programs or videos; if you watch them, you will earn one LP.

Social Media

The Sims FreePlay Facebook page is always having special offers and giveaways. If you Like the Facebook page, you will be updated every time there is a new event.


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