How to create a Metal Mimic in Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier Metal Mimic

A Metal Mimic is a member of the metal record species that mimics a treasure chest. The unit itself is used to evolve certain characters (particularly the newer ones like Inferno Swords Logan and and Sky Mage Rashil) into their 6-star form.

Similar to other types of Mimics, Metal Mimics can be farmed in Wednesday’s Vortex dungeons, The Box of Desires Level 2 (if you’re lucky). The easiest way to acquire a Metal Mimic, though, is to create one by evolving winged mimics (Bat Mimics) using a combination of Metal species.

To create a Metal Mimic you must evolve from a Bat Mimic (Winged Mimic) with the following ingredients:

  • One (1) Metal Ghost
  • One (1) Metal King
  • One (1) Metal God
  • 200,000 Zel

Voila! You’ve created a Metal Mimic. Now go use it to get those 6-stars!


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