How Supercell will address Clash Royale’s gold shortage

Clash Royale goldThere’s no doubt Clash Royale is an addicting multiplayer game, but many of its systems are undoubtedly frustrating — particularly, the currency system. Simply put, there’s not enough ways to earn gold in the game. Players, especially in the later levels, are finding it difficult to upgrade their cards as the cost can become pretty hefty.

The good news is, Supercell is aware there’s a problem and has plans to address it. Although, they aren’t getting into specifics just yet.

“The team has several ideas at the moment to introduce new gold into the system,” Supercell said in a Q&A, adding they wanted to take a “cautious approach to begin  with, and not let everyone have mass amounts of gold as you would see a mass influx of players with high level cards.”

Supercell says now that they have a baseline to go by, they can start introducing new gold into the system. How that’ll be done remains to be seen, but it’s good news regardless.


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