Hollywood Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Hollywood Escape is a new room-escape puzzle game from Mobest Media (developer of the Can You Escape series). Similar to other games of this type, the goal is to break out of different rooms, with an overall Hollywood theme. “As the action is taking place in Hollywood you’ll probably meet a lot of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence and Johnny Depp on your journey through this amazing puzzle game,” the description reads. “Do you think you have what it takes to escape from the Hollywood?” If not, we’ve got a walkthrough below.

Hollywood Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Step 1: Tap the table and then tap the white paper and the coffee cup above it, spilling the coffee cup on it and revealing the code: “* 9 *”

Step 2: Back out and tap the leg of the table. Look at the code: “1 * *”

Step 3: Tap the picture frames on the left (the green and pink ones). Notice the girls in each picture.

Step 4: Tap the grey pillow on the black couch. Tap it again to move it, revealing the purple picture frame. Notice how many people are in it. Pick up the pink cloth.

Step 5: Go back to the table and use the pink cloth on the coffee cup that was already spilled (on the left side), revealing the code: “* * 2”

Step 6: Tap the brown box in front of the table and change the codes so it reads (top to bottom):

  • 210
  • 098
  • 210 (tap it again)

Step 7: Take the yellow handle from the box and notice how many people are in the gray picture frame.

Step 8: Tap the brown suitcase on the couch and change the numbers of the colors so that they match how many people were in each corresponding picture frame:

  • Red = 1
  • Green = 2
  • Blue = 4
  • Gray = 4

Step 9: Take the hammer head. Combine the hammer head with the handle. Tap the window in the back of the room (above the table) and use the hammer to break it.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 2 of Hollywood Escape. Continue to level 3.


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