Hidden Escape Walkthrough: Levels 6 7 8 9 10

Hidden Escape is a room-escape game for Android from Zenfox. Similar to other games of this nature, the goal of Hidden Escape is to solve unique puzzles, riddles, and secrets of the game world on all of the 100 floors. To help you, follow the guide below.

Levels 1-5 Walkthrough

Level 6 Answer: Find the items around the room that are shown in the book in order from top to bottom: Apple (Top left shelf), Mouse (Left, below the globe and above the book), Carrot (dangling from the rope on the top right), Staff Orb (Right, being held by the skeleton), Water (in the bucket at the bottom right screen)

Level 7 Answer: Drag the presents to the left to reveal the scissors.. Pick up the scissors and open the present to find the key.

Level 8 Answer: Press the buttons in order so all of the colored lights are on. Press the buttons in this order: Left Top, Left Bottom, Right Middle, Right Bottom

Level 9 Answer: Move the wheel to show the objects above the door in that order. When the object appears in the silver circle, pull the red lever: Panda, Coconut, Bunny, Cake.

Level 10 Answer: Shake your device to make the weight appear. Drag the black weight high above the box then let it go to break the box. Grab the key.

Continue to levels 11-15 of Hidden Escape.


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