Hidden Escape Walkthrough: Levels 16 17 18 19 20

Hidden Escape is a room-escape game for Android from Zenfox. Similar to other games of this nature, the goal of Hidden Escape is to solve unique puzzles, riddles, and secrets of the game world on all of the 100 floors. To help you, follow the guide below.

Levels 11-15 Walkthrough

Level 16 Answer: Complete the puzzle.

Hidden Escape Walkthrough

Level 17 Answer: Notice the symbols on the floor then find them around the room and tap them in order from left to right.

Hidden Escape level 17 walkthrough

Level 18 Answer: Tap the open wires and complete the puzzle.

Hidden Escape level 18 walkthrough

Level 19 Answer: Pick up the scrolls (right shelf) and place it on the table. Pick up the triangle shaped bone (bottom left shelf) and place it on the table. Pick up the bell (attached to the right side of door) and put it on the table.

Tap the table and once the paper shows up, place one finger on the “YES” and one finger on the “NO”. Hold your fingers there until the door opens.

Level 20 Answer: Spell “OPEN” using the enigma machine; however, the letters on the machine don’t match up exactly.

  • O = K
  • P = A
  • E = M
  • N = E

Continue to levels 21-25 of Hidden Escape.


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