Hidden Escape Walkthrough: Levels 11 12 13 14 15

Hidden Escape is a room-escape game for Android from Zenfox. Similar to other games of this nature, the goal of Hidden Escape is to solve unique puzzles, riddles, and secrets of the game world on all of the 100 floors. To help you, follow the guide below.

Levels 6-10 Walkthrough

Level 11 Answer: Create the shapes above the door by dragging your finger from candle to candle. Example: 1st shape: Top left to Top right to Middle Right to Bottom Left to Bottom Right to Middle Left.

Level 12 Answer: Figure out the total number of limbs on each bug/animal on the paintings: Worm = 0, Gorilla = 4, Spider = 8, Crab = 10. Code = 04810.

Level 13 Answer: Pick up the wooden spike. Select it from your inventory then swipe on the painting and television until you see the two numbers for the code: 2574.

Level 14 Answer: Pick up the pipe and use it on the steam coming out of the machine. Complete the pipe puzzle.

Hidden Escape level 14 answer

Level 15 Answer: Pick up the rock on the ground and use it to break the glass case. Use the fire extinguisher to put out all of the fires.

Continue to levels 16-20 of Hidden Escape.


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