Hidden Escape Walkthrough: Levels 1 2 3 4 5

Hidden Escape is a room-escape game for Android from Zenfox, the developers who brought us 100 Doors, 100 Doors 2, 100 Doors Full and other great escape games. Similar to other games of this nature, the goal of Hidden Escape is to solve unique puzzles, riddles, and secrets of the game world on all of the 100 floors. To help you, follow the guide below.

Level 1 Answer: Pick up the door ring at the bottom right of the screen and attach it to the door.

Level 2 Answer: Pick up the rock at the bottom right and use it on the vase in the bottom left. Pick up the key and use it to escape.

Level 3 Answer: Pick up the rope hanging on the chair and attach it to the lamp on the desk. Turn on the lamp to reveal the door open button on the floor. Press it to open the door.

Level 4 Answer: Pick up the wood and place it in the fireplace. Pick up the matches and use it on the wood to light a fire, revealing  the last number for the code: “6914”.

Level 5 Answer: Close the window. Tap all of the candles (5) on the floor to light them.

Continue to levels 6-10 of Hidden Escape.


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