Here’s what’s new in The Sims FreePlay ‘Day Spa’ Update

Sims FreePlay Day Spa Update

Yesterday, EA invited us to a day of relaxation in The Sims FreePlay with the Day Spa update. With the update came the Simtown Spa Community Event with a bunch of rewards, but also a bunch of other changes (and even some glitches and bugs).

EA’s official change-log doesn’t reveal much of what’s new, but thankfully the community has worked together to create their own list of new features and bugs you may encounter.

What’s new with Day Spa Update 5.21.0

Keep calm as you take off on a journey to enlightenment with the ultimate Day Spa retreat!
  • Create a sanctuary with everything you need to soothe your Sims’ senses
  • Wrap up in comfy robes and awaken the mind with healing facials
  • Enjoy relaxing massages and elbow out those back knots!
  • Invigorate the soul with meditation, or sit by the water finding inner peace
  • Treat yourself with manicure and pedicure stations
  • Get steamy at the sauna or relax in the hot springs

And now for the unofficial change-log:

  • 3 new couches, Latin living room and outdoor furniture on sale for 3 days

Sims FreePlay Spa Update living room couches

  • Girls’ Night Out Clothes pack in online store

Sims FreePlay Girls Night Out clothing pack

  • Trees and plants from the Tropical Romance Island event are moved from Events inventory tab to tree tab
  • Toddlers don’t appear right in the sim tracker (no head, shows body)
  • Toddlers frozen while doing playhouse hobby, getting into bed
  • Glitch on preteens – lose their legs from the knee down when wearing spa sandals, or outfits completely invisible
  • Dogs meow instead of bark
  • Teen idol music where no teen idol is playing
  • Order of wallpaper and flooring in home store rearranged
  • Toddlers now smile/have a laughing face and are more animated in the wardrobe menu

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