Hearthstone Frost Festival begins with Free Arena entry and Frozen Throne Card Packs

Blizzard is bringing the chill this summer as Hearthstone’s Midsummer Frost Festival has officially kicked off. Just in time for the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, the event brings some icy cosmetic changes, in addition to a bunch of free goodies!

Free Arena Runs and Knights of the Frozen Throne Packs

Hearthstone Frost Festival free arena entry

Players will receive a free Arena entry for each week of the Frost Festival. Additionally, each Arena run started during the Frost Festival will automatically start you with a free win, making it easier to win back the gold you’ve paid to enter in subsequent runs. Players who buy an entry with gold only need to get six wins to get a refund.

Complete three Arena matches during the event and you will receive a free Knights of the Frozen Throne card pack. You won’t be able to open the card pack, however, until the expansions releases in mid-August.

Ahune’s Superior Brawl (Tavern Brawl)

Hearthstone Frost Festival - Ahune Superior Brawl

This Lich King-themed Tavern Brawl will run until Monday. One player is Jaina, while the other is Uther, and start with a predetermined deck for the character. Heroes can not take direct damage, but healing and armor additions will not work. Each player has a Ragnaros on their board, which has one attack and four health, but it can’t attack. Killing the dummy does four damage to the opponent, and causes a new Ragnaros to respawn immediately.

The Frost Festival will run for three weeks, at which point it’s expected that the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion will officially release. We’ve heard rumors of an August 10th release date for the expansion, which is also in line with previous expansion releases.

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