Hay Day update adding Bees, Honey Extractor

Hay Day Update Bees

It looks like Clash of Clans isn’t the only Supercell Games title to be getting an update. Today, the developer confirmed that Hay Day, the popular farm-managing game for iOS and Android, is also set to receive an update.

While we don’t know when said update will arrive, Supercell has been teasing a few of its new additions. Today they released two separate sneak peeks, the first being Bees.

“To Bee or Not to Bee! Oh yes, you asked for it and in the upcoming update to Hay Day we will bring you Bees!!” Supercell said. And with bees, comes honey… Obviously.

So to produce “all that yummy honey” you’re going to need what the second sneak peek teased — a Honey Extractor Production Machine.

It’s likely Supercell will continue to release sneak peeks for the Hay Day update right until it releases, so be sure to check back daily for new upcoming features.


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