Gumi ‘aware of’ recent Brave Frontier game crashes

Following the most recent Brave Frontier update, it appears that some users are experiencing some crashes during gameplay.  This has been happening over the last 24 hour time period, according to developer Gumi which addressed the issue in a recent forum post.

“In line with this, we would like to inform and assure all of you that the Brave Frontier Global Team is already looking into the situation and looking for a fix at the soonest possible time,” Gumi promised. “Rest assured that we are working round-the-clock to address the issue so all of you can return to your uninterrupted gaming experience in Brave Frontier.”

In the meantime, the developer is asking that those affected by the situation provide some information “so we can easily determine the cause of the problem.” If you’ve experienced game crashes, head over to the Gumi forums and provide the information they ask for.

In the meantime, check out the changes implemented in the most recent update, including the new 6-star forms for Logan, Rashil and Dilma.


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