‘Grand Master Yoda’ coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes this week

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Grand Master Yoda

As speculated, Grand Master Yoda will be arriving in EA’s mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. The new character will be available starting February 11th through the new “Grand Master’s Training Event.”

Previously detailed in the patch notes, the Grand Master’s Training Event is the first official event in Galaxy of Heroes. In it, players will battle through multiple difficulty Event tiers in an effort to unlock the 7-star character. The event is only playable with Jedi characters and can be completed to earn shards for Grand Master Yoda, Crystals, and “high amounts” of Credits.

In addition to news about Grand Master Yoda, the following changes have been made to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes today:

  • The Shard Shop: a new store where players can trade in extra shards for any characters they’ve promoted to seven stars for new character shards
  • Updated Arena screen: preview an entire enemy squad before challenging a player in the Arena to maximize your chances of defeating them
  • Improved Gear finding: Players will be automatically notified when items they are seeking are awarded after battle
  • Bonus Energy: Players can collect bonus energy three times a day when logging in during set times
  • Contextual Gear messaging to let players know which characters can use specific Gear items

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