Giant Escape Level 3 ‘Under the Sofa’ Walkthrough

Giant Escape is a room escape game from developer Mobest Media (aka Goblin), available for iOS and Android devices. In this particular game, you find yourself trapped in the gigantic world and your mission is to escape back to reality solving the puzzles in the room. If you get stuck, below is a walkthrough:

Giant Escape Level 3 Walkthrough

Tap the blue car and pick up the tire under the board. Put the tire on the blue car and tap it to make it drive away.

Zoom out and above the car you’ll see a silver circle. Tap it to grab the spoon and put it in your inventory.

Use the spoon on the can of cat food to open it. Grab some food and feed ti to the cat to make it move.

Behind the cat is a level, open it to escape.




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