Giant Escape Level 2 ‘Mouse Trap’ Walkthrough

Giant Escape is a room escape game from developer Mobest Media (aka Goblin), available for iOS and Android devices. In this particular game, you find yourself trapped in the gigantic world and your mission is to escape back to reality solving the puzzles in the room. If you get stuck, below is a walkthrough:

Giant Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Tap the hook on the left side and press the red wire until it falls. Pick up the toast and wire.

Tap the pile of bones until they disappear and pick up the claw.

On the right side of the cage is a circle. Tap on it and use the claw to unscrew the bolts.

Press the circle, 3rd circle, and 4th circle in that order Use the red cable on the machine to get power.

In the back of the cage click ont he diamond. Put the toast in there and press the wire to blow the fuse and escape.




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