Full patch notes for Pokémon GO update (iOS 1.1.0 & Android 0.31.0)

Pokémon GO

Niantic has released a new update for Pokémon GO today that, among a number of things, should make the overall gameplay more stable. Despite the immense popularity of the game, which released last month, Pokémon GO has been plagued with glitches and bugs, crashes, and more. Today’s update should alleviate some of those problems, but there’s much more in there as well.

Check out the full patch notes for the update, which depending on your device will feature a different version number. For Android is version 0.31.0 and for iOS it’s 1.1.0.

  • Avatars can now be re-customized from the Trainer profile screen
  • Adjusted battle move damage values for some Pokémon
  • Refined certain Gym animations
  • Improved memory issues
  • Removed footprints of nearby Pokémon
  • Modified battle damage calculation
  • Various bug fixes during wild Pokémon encounter
  • Updates to the Pokémon details screen
  • Updated achievement medal images
  • Fixed issues with displaying certain map features
  • Minor text fixes

It’s interesting that they chose to remove footprints of nearby Pokémon entirely, but maybe they are working for a fix and it’ll be implemented properly in a future update.

Additionally, some non-listed changes seem to include the removal of some PokéStops and gyms, particularly those close to public works or other potentially hazardous locations, which is understandable.

And of course, some websites report that the update has adjusted the power of certain Pokémon. Not every buff and nerf has been detailed, but Niantic did at least confirm the changes to Vaporeon, who many felt had been overpowered.

Let us know your thoughts on today’s improvements with the Pokémon GO update.


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