Fruit Ninja and other Halfbrick iOS games free until tomorrow

Fruit NinjaAs a thank you to fans, all Halfbrick iOS games will be free to download and play. This includes Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash, Age of Zombies, and Jetpack Joyride (which was already free). This is the first time Fruit Ninja is free for iOS users.

“Over the past three years we’ve given everything we have to make our games the best, and were rewarded a million times over with love and support from our fans […] Now it’s time to give something back, kick some ass and start 2013 with more momentum than ever,” said Halfbrick’s chief marketing officer Phil Larsen. “Have a blast playing Halfbrick’s finest!

The sale only lasts until 1 a.m. ET on December 18, so you don’t have much time. You can download all of the Halfbrick games HERE.


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