Friendly Challenge coming to Clash of Clans in May update

Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge

For those of you playing, Clash Royale — Supercell’s competitive Clash of Clans spin-off — you’ll realize the two share many similar features. One of those features in Clash Royale is now coming to Clash of Clans.

Coming in the May update, Clash of Clans players will be able to issue Friendly Challenges to clanmates for practice, competition, or just plain fun.

Friendly Challenges are unlimited and won’t cost gold or consume Troops, Spells, Heroes, or Traps. Because of that, you also won’t earn resources, Trophies, or other bonuses. This is strictly for fun competition or to practice strategy.

So how does it work?

Issuing a Friendly Challenge

To invite your clanmates to attack your village, look for the new “Challenge” button at the top of Clan chat. You can choose between your active layout or any other valid saved layout, including War Bases. Add some custom text (or don’t) and post the Friendly Challenge to the Clan chat. Simple!

Once posted, any member of your Clan can accept the Friendly Challenge and launch an attack against your chosen layout. Don’t worry, they won’t be able to steal any of your resources or Trophies. Any troops you have in your Clan Castle at the time you post will be used as defensive troops, but you won’t lose those either.

Accepting a Friendly Challenge:

When you accept a Friendly Challenge, you will attack your clanmates village using your current army. Everything you deploy will be returned to you after the battle, so don’t hold back!

The replay and results of the attack are posted in Clan chat immediately after; however, like Clash Royale, clans members will be able to spectate the battle live.

Friendly Challenge is expected to arrive with the Clash of Clans May Update.


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