Floors Escape Walkthrough: Level 7

Floors Escape is a puzzle game from developer MobiPlay (not to be confused with 100 Floors from Tobi Apps). Similarly, it’s a room escape puzzle game in which you must find objects hidden around the room and use the clues to solve each puzzle in order to advance to the next floor. Below is a complete walkthrough for each level.

Floors Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

1. Pick up the dart from the dresser under the rabbit poster.

2. Look at the fire truck and remember the Yellow 9.

3. Look at the elevator door number and remember Red 7.

4. Look at the black bird with the yellow beak on the self. Lift the wing and remember Green 6.

5. Go to the 3×3 shelves and pull out the purple box on the left. Remember Blue 8.

6. Go to the checkers table and move the board. Remember:

  • diamond = green
  • spade = yellow
  • clubs = red
  • heart = blue

7. Go to the wooden box below the rabbit picture. Using the colored numbers and the colored suits, combine them to get:

  • diamond = green = 6
  • clubs = red = 7
  • heart = blue = 8
  • spade = yellow = 9
  • Press the numbers to change them and enter the code “6789”. Take the key.

8. Use the art you got earlier to pop the red balloon in the corner. Pick up the piece of paper that drops from the balloon.

9. Go to the wooden box below the pink table and use the key on the blue hole. Then press the correct wooden buttons using the code from the paper you have. The code is: brown green brown green green brown green.
Press the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 7th button.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 7 of Floors Escape. Continue to level 8.


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