Floors Escape Walkthrough: Level 1

Floors Escape is a puzzle game from developer MobiPlay (not to be confused with 100 Floors from Tobi Apps). Similarly, it’s a room escape puzzle game in which you must find objects hidden around the room and use the clues to solve each puzzle in order to advance to the next floor. Below is a complete walkthrough for each level.

Floors Escape Level 1 Walkthrough

1. Press the white square panel on the upper-left wall (above the pile of boxes). Take the crowbar that’s inside.

2. Go to the TV and press the left knob to see the colored circles on the screen. (left to right: black, red, yellow, orange, green)

3. Use the crowbar to remove the panel above the elevator buttons (on the right).

4. Zoom into the panel and change the five grey circles to the colors seen on the TV. From left to right: Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 1 of Floors Escape. Continue to level 2.


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