Final Fantasy IV now available on iOS devices

Final Fantasy IVSquare Enix has released Final Fantasy IV on IOS devices today, giving owners a chance to experience the critically acclaimed RPG.

The game, which is now available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, is based on the full 3D remake from 2008. It includes 3D graphics, gorgeous CG cinematics, and stellar voice acting. Additionally, the game’s innovative Active Time Battle System has been refined specifically for iOS devices.

Below is a brief breakdown of the story of Final Fantasy IV.

Four elemental Crystals, each possessing awesome power, lie scattered throughout the realm. However, men are quick to covet things which offer such strength, and they are easily corrupted by the might which they possess…

Seduced by the promised power of the Crystals, the kingdom of Baron begins employing unprovoked force to seize them from peaceful nations. The dark knight Cecil – Lord Captain of Baron’s elite force, the Red Wings – is ordered by his king to obtain the Crystals, but soon begins to question the monarch’s motives. Stricken with grief at his own actions, yet burdened by his loyalty to his country and his personal sense of honor, Cecil at last decides to turn from the path of darkness and destruction.

Enraged, the king accuses him of disloyalty, strips Cecil of his command, and sends him off to slay a mysterious beast that lurks in the nearby Valley of Mist. Cecil embarks on a fateful journey that will bring trials, betrayals, friendship, loss and self-discovery. Can Cecil open his eyes and become the man of honor that he must be?

You can purchase Final Fantasy IV for iOS from the iTunes store today for $15.99.


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