‘Family friendly’ Zombie I Scream shuffles on to iTunes Store

zombie i screamA new “family-friendly zombie game” has been released for iOS devices. Zombie I Scream differs from most other zombie games in that it doesn’t involve murder and weapons of mass destruction or gore; rather, you hurl anti-zombie ice cream cones at the zombie hordes in order to return them to human form and save Boston. That’s right, there’s no zombie beheading in this game.

Zombie I Scream is set in Boston where the players hold up in a tricked-out Government-issued ice cream truck that dispenses anti-zombie-infused ice creams. The backdrops pay tribute to the city of Boston, home of developer Thefty Jack, LLC. In the background, you’ll notice famous landmarks and neighborhoods such as Fenway Park, Harvard Square, and Faneuil Hall.

“Is this the best zombie game for the iPhone? We think it is because it’s so unlike the other games in it’s non-violent approach,” said David Deutsch, Thefty Jack co-founder and chief creative. “Zombie I Scream begins with saving the world from the Zombie apocalypse, that’s standard. But the goal in our game is to save the world by saving the zombies. We think that a message of salvation is needed, even in today’s zombie-fueled culture. Add the incredible artwork, unique gameplay and a mastermind evil chicken and our game stands out from the pack.”

Zombie I Scream is Thefty Jack’s first game to land on the iTunes store and is available for just $1.99. An ad-supported lite version is also available.



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