Fallout Shelter update 1.6 coming next month, brings Quests


During its E3 press briefing, Bethesda announced that Quests are coming to Fallout Shelter in its update 1.6 — the biggest update yet since the mobile game was simultaneously announced and released one year ago at E3 2015.

Briefly shown off, the Quests update will allow Overseers to take control of their Dwellers and travel to new locations “like abandoned buildings and decrepit Vaults, or even familiar spots like Fallout 4’s Red Rocket Fuel Stop and Super Duper Mart.”

“With this all-new Quest system, you can now assemble a group of Dwellers to take on challenges outside of the Vault, uncover legendary loot, and face off against new enemies like Radscorpions, Ghouls and powerful bosses as you traverse the Wasteland.”

Fallout Shelter Quest Combat

Additionally, the update will introduce a new combat system that grants you “greater control” over your Dwellers’ actions in a fight, allowing you to direct their attacks. You’ll be able to select the enemy you want your Dweller to attack and play a quick mini-game for a critical hit.

If your Dwellers are taking too long to return to the Vault after a quest, you can use a Nuka-Cola Quantum to call them back immediately.

Update 1.6 will be available for Fallout Shelter next month.


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