Fallout Shelter is coming to PC

Fallout Shelter

Bethesda’s wildly popular mobile game Fallout Shelter, which was released exactly one year ago at E3 2015, has seen more than 50 million people download the free app over the past year. That number is more than all the previous Fallout games combined, and it’s about to grow.

At this year’s E3, Bethesda  announced Fallout Shelter will be coming to PC, giving the Master Race a chance to experience the challenges of running an underground vault in the post-nuclear wasteland.

The PC version of Fallout Shelter will also be free to play and will launch as the “full” experience, complete with every update released over the last year — including the newly revealed Update 1.6 (which will arrive in July).

Over the past year Fallout Shelter has grown quite a bit in terms of content, with new features such as Pets; Crafting, Scrapping and Junk; additional rooms; Fallout 4 characters; and special Dweller customization options. Announced tonight, next month’s update (1.6) will introduce Quests and a new combat system that aims to give you more control over your Dwellers when they are in action.

Unfortunately, the PC version of Fallout Shelter does not yet have a release date, but more details will be announced “soon.”


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