Everything We Know About Clash Royale’s October Update

Clash RoyaleDeveloper Supercell recently held an AMA on Reddit, answering a ton of fans questions, some of which provided insight into Clash Royale’s next update. While Supercell doesn’t yet have a release date for the next update, they did reveal they are targeting an October launch window.

So what will be included with the October update? We don’t have specifics, yet, but Supercell did hint at a few upcoming features and dropped some pretty big clues about what players can expect with the upcoming update.

Here’s everything we know about Clash Royale’s October Update:

New Game Mode(s)

Supercell teased they have some “really cool modes” coming in the next update, “some of the best we’ve ever done, according to us, but maybe we’re a bit biased.”

One of the game modes is described as “VASTLY different” from all others. “It’s our favorite 2v2 mode on the game team,” the developer teased.

Supercell continued that new game modes are a great way to add variety to the game, and that they continue to try out and prototype new ones. They aim to have modes that are more unique in the future (as opposed to straight forward double/triple elixir), and are looking into alternatives to challenges to play game modes.

A Quest System

Multiple times during the AMA Supercell mentioned the addition of Quests, though they didn’t get into specifics. We don’t know if they will be daily, weekly, or what, but it sounds like they are coming in October.

“Something Casual”

Unfortunately, there are no plans for an unranked 1v1, but Supercell did say they have more coming in the next update to give more “casual alternatives'” to ranked 1v1. In fact, they specifically teased “SOMETHING CASUAL” when asked about the update.

In the meantime, it sounds as if 2v2 will serve as the casual mode, as the developer has no plans to introduce a 2v2 ladder.

“Part of the draw for 2v2 is its casual nature. We don’t have any plans to introduce ranks for now.”

New Cards

This is a given. In fact, Supercell said as much: “New cards and sounds are usually a given, but we try to have at least one new card per update.” Currently, there are still 2 cards remaining of the four already revealed, but Supercell aims to release one new card a month. They haven’t decided what cards will be in the next update yet, but they’ve been “toying around with the idea of ghost again!”

New Loading Screen and Arena

When asked about the intro/loading screen: “Yeah, definitely. It’s currently being worked on (it might make it in for the next update).”

New arena: “We are currently working on a new arena!”

Mirror Mode

With the update, Supercell is adding a new variant of the random deck mode: The Mirror Mode where both players get the exact same random deck with the exact same deck rotation. As Supercell so eloquently put it: “Its kind of hard to find excuses when losing one of those matches and we’ve had a blast playing around with the mode.”


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