Escape Through History Walkthrough: Level 6

Escape Through History is a new puzzle game from developer Mobest Media (Tedven), creators of You Must Escape and Let’s Escape. Like their previous titles, Escape Through History is a room-escape puzzle game in which you must journey through history on a quest to overcome the events that mankind has experience. Solve puzzles by figuring out the clues and escape to the next event. Escape Through History is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Below is a walkthrough for Level 6 of Escape Through History:

1. Look at the dining room table and take the silver cup.

2. Go to the other side of the room (purple arrow) and take the compass that’s on the bed.

3. Look at the map that’s on top of the desk on the left side of the wall. Use the compass on the map and it will circle “AFR”

4. Go to the main part of the room (purple arrow) and tap the locked chest in the back of the room. Change the letters to “AFR” to open it. Take the knife that’s inside.

5. Go back to the side of the room with the bed (purple arrow) and tap the wooden crate in the middle of the room. Take the pipe.

6. Tap on the barrel right next to it and use the knife to cut the circle out. Place the pipe in the hole and use the cup on the pipe to fill it.

7. Look at the painting of the ship on the wall and use the cup of water on it. The numbers 270, 0, 90, 180 will appear.

8. Go back to the side with the exit (purple arrow) and look at the ship steering wheel hanging on the wall. Notice the directions that match up with the degrees that were revealed on the painting.

  • 270 = W
  • 0 = N
  • 90 = E
  • 180 = S

9. Go to the bookshelf and tap the books in order that starts with the letters “WNES”. Tap the books in this order:

  1. Wars
  2. Navy
  3. England
  4. Spain

10. Take the key and use it to exit the room.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 6 of Escape Through History. Continue to level 7.


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