Escape Through History Walkthrough: Level 3

Escape Through History is a new puzzle game from developer Mobest Media (Tedven), creators of You Must Escape and Let’s Escape. Like their previous titles, Escape Through History is a room-escape puzzle game in which you must journey through history on a quest to overcome the events that mankind has experience. Solve puzzles by figuring out the clues and escape to the next event. Escape Through History is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Below is a walkthrough for Level 3 of Escape Through History:

1. Tap the flat grey piece on the left and take the stick that’s hidden on top.

2. Tap the lock in the back-right corner of the room and take the (thicker) stick next to it.

3. Go to the other side of the room (purple arrow) and take the axe in the back-right, laying on the fur.

4. Tap the pile of rocks in the back-left corner and use the axe on them to sharpen the axe.

5. Tap the wooden log and take the patch of dry grass.

6. Tap the brownish patch rug on the right side of the room and tap it again to move it to the side, revealing a few black scratch marks. Use the axe on those marks to make a hole and take the piece of paper that’s inside of it There are pictures on it.

7. Go back to the other side of the room (purple arrow) and look at the sticks that form a firepit. Place the dry grass in the hole, then the thin stick to start a fire. Zoom out (purple arrow) and use the thicker stick on the fire to light the big stick on fire. You now have a torch in your inventory.

8. Go back to the other side of the room (purple arrow) and tap the stick that’s coming out of the wall on the right. Use the torch on the stick to light it, revealing a clue: man with spear, buffalo, man with bow, elephant, man with axe, boar.

9. Look at the paper that’s in your inventory and each picture has dots that represent a number on it. Match up the order of the clues with the numbers.

  • Man with spear = 2
  • Buffalo = 3
  • Man with bow = 5
  • Elephant = 6
  • Man with axe = 1
  • Boar = 4

10. Go to the door and tap the dots in this order:

  1. Top right (2)
  2. Middle left (3)
  3. Bottom left (5)
  4. Bottom right (6)
  5. Top left (1)
  6. Middle right (4)

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 3 of Escape Through History. Continue to level 4.


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