Escape Through History Walkthrough: Level 15

Escape Through History is a new puzzle game from developer Mobest Media (Tedven), creators of You Must Escape and Let’s Escape. Like their previous titles, Escape Through History is a room-escape puzzle game in which you must journey through history on a quest to overcome the events that mankind has experience. Solve puzzles by figuring out the clues and escape to the next event. Escape Through History is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Below is a walkthrough for Level 15 of Escape Through History:

1. Tap the statue on the right and take the first part of the stethoscope.

2. Go to the other side of the room (purple arrow) ad take the second part of the stethoscope by the camera in the top left corner. Combine the two parts to complete the stethoscope.

3. Tap the couch and then tap the red carpet to move it. Take the rock.

4. Tap the tray with the champagne and glasses on it. Use the rock to break the glass and take the piece of glass.

5. Tap the picture on the right wall and use the glass on the picture to cut out the middle letters of “GOSNAC”.

6. Go to the other side of the room (purple arrow) and place the letters on the missing part of the globe. You’ll make the word “BOSNIA”.

7. Tap the TV on the right wall and tap through the channels. Use the first letter of each location to figure out the numbers associated with each letter.

  • B = 1
  • O = 4
  • S = 3
  • N = 6
  • I = 5
  • A = 2

8. Tap the laptop computer on the desk in the middle of the room. Change the code to “143652”. Make note of the positions of the locks on the safe. Remember the order.

9. Go to the other side of the room (purple arrow) and use the stethoscope on the safe. Change the screws to the positions on the laptop. Tap each screw the following number of time:

  • Top left: 3 times
  • Top right:  7 times
  • Bottom left:  6 times
  • Bottom right: 3 times
  • Take the key and use it to exit the room

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 15 of Escape Through History. If this guide helped, be sure to bookmark us and return when the latest update releases.


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