Escape Through History Walkthrough: Level 12

Escape Through History is a new puzzle game from developer Mobest Media (Tedven), creators of You Must Escape and Let’s Escape. Like their previous titles, Escape Through History is a room-escape puzzle game in which you must journey through history on a quest to overcome the events that mankind has experience. Solve puzzles by figuring out the clues and escape to the next event. Escape Through History is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Below is a walkthrough for Level 12 of Escape Through History:

1. Tap the back box on the left with the gold thing on top. Take the red, green, and black gems.

2. Go to the other side of the room (purple arrow) and look at the scale on top of the Sphinx in the corner. Place the 3 gems to balance the other gems. Take the diamond that is under the left scale.

3. Go back to the other side of the room (purple arrow) and place the diamond in the hole that’s on the chest tot he right of the door. Tap it to open it and take the sword and the wooden board.

4. Go back to the other side of the room (purple arrow) and use the sword on the necklace of the dark grey cat statue to get the two gold gems.

5. Tap on the head of the tall statue and place the two gems in the eyes of it. Take the key.

6. Tap on the gold bricks and place the board between the ones with the paper sticking out. Take the paper.

7. Use the paper on the arrows above the cat statue and you’ll see directions: Up, Up, Right, Right

8. Go to the other side of the room and use the key on the grey hatch in the ground. Tap it to go inside.

9. When inside the hole press the arrows in the correct directions: Up, Up, Right, Right. Take the key and escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 12 of Escape Through History. Continue to level 13.


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