Escape the Room Zombies Level 1 walkthrough

Escape the Room Zombies is a new puzzle game from developer Pedro Chang. Similar to other games in this genre, your goal is to find the hidden objects and solve the mini games to escape each room. You’ll have to combine clues, discover codes, and solve puzzles to escape. Escape the Room is currently available for Android devices.

Escape the Room Zombies level 1 walkthrough/guide

Step 1: Knock over the trash can in the corner and pick up the pipe.

Step 2: Pull down the escape ladder, climb up, and take the car jack. Combine it with the pipe you got earlier.

Step 3: Use the car jack int he middle of the bottom right side of the car. Pick up the crowbar underneath.

Step 4: Look at the sign and notice the clue “6195”. Tap to remove the car jack, then use the crowbar to open the front door.

Step 5: Enter the car and look under the passenger-side dashboard. Enter the number “6195” to open it. Take the lock cutter.

Step 6: Use the lock cutter to cut the lock off the door. Escape!

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 1 of Escape the Room Zombies. Continue to level 2.


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